Why Only Thesis Theme

I have been using Thesis theme, right from the day one of my blogging career and I am very much satisfied with it. With Thesis, I never really cared about SEO and I haven’t hired a designer to do the customizations, since Thesis hook are much simpler than it looks and anyone can customize the look of their website simple and easy with Thesis. I am telling this words from my experience, If you are looking for a best wordpress themes for your WordPress website, just go and get Thesis and I am very sure that you will never regret it.

Author of Sugarrae, Rae Hoffman I was not given a review copy of Thesis. I bought the theme. I forget where Id first heard about it, but I believe it was a tweet by copyblogger.

Author of WeblogZone, Rocky John Tayaban In my experience, I bought three Premium WordPress Themes but ended up not using any of them. Instead, I found Thesis Premium WordPress Theme designed by Chris Pearson and have used it ever since. After using it for quite awhile, I am most certainly satisfied with its positive impact on my blog.

Why Only Thesis Theme:

Apart from all the above features, facilities, and comfort abilities, the best part of Thesis theme is that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Fall in love with it within a month or take your money back.

This is not an affiliate post, we have just briefed out our honest review about thesis theme framework. If you intended to buy the theme package you may check out the recent discounts from a quick google search.

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