Types of Heat Press Machines

Heat Press machines can be found in multiple types. Here are some of the common types that are commonly available in the market:

  1. Clam Heat Press

This machine has a platen on top which can be elevated too. When it is in operational mode, the platen goes up. The lower platen can slide towards the operator of the machine. The best thing about the machine is that it does not take much space. You can even install it in a small room. Hence why it is best for small workplaces. You can find out more about it at HeatPressReview.com.

  1. Swing Away Heat Press

This is the type of machine which works in a different way. The upper platen moves up and side to side. The best thing about this machine is that its platens can be moved up to 100 degrees. It is quite flexible to use too.

  1. Draw Heat Press

This machine is similar to the swinger model. The only thing different about it is that the lower platen have to be pulled towards you. You can lay the garments without reaching under the upper heat platen. It also has a removable work surface so you have to be a lot careful when running the machine as it can make your designs shift out of the place.

  1. Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

This is one of the most popular machines of all as it lets you transfer top quality digital images onto your T-shirt. The special thing about this machine is the way it executes its intended task. It works in a way that the dye used in the transfer paper does not bleed onto the garment whenever the machine’s surface is pressed down. Another good thing about the machine is that it has a big surface so it can let you handle all sorts of big projects.

Now that you know about the types of Heat Press machines available and their features, go for the one that best suits your business needs.