Staggering Celebrity Net Worth of Hollywood Celebs

Everyone knows that the Hollywood is indeed a big thing, but some stars have some even fascinating celebrity net worth under their names. This could be something that could grab your curiosity, and you would want to know how exactly rich are these names you always hear about. Thus, you must not miss to visit, and read through tons of info about the wealthiest stars of the Hollywood in 2017!

Unbelievable Celebrity Net Worth of Big Hollywood Names

If you wanted to know more about huge celebrity net worth of your favorite Hollywood stars, you have to visit and read through a long list of wealthiest celebrities in 2017! Some of the celebs included in the list are:

  • John Travolta

With his fascinating skills and a wide range of talents, it’s not surprising of John Travolta to be recognized as one of the highest paying celebrities worldwide. He can be trusted on the big screen, on the dance floor, in front of the microphone or even on the broad way, thus pushing his wealth to a staggering amount of around $160 million to $200 million net worth!

  • Britney Spears

Known worldwide as the princess of pop, Britney Spears have accumulated an amount of $190 million net worth through her career. This would be unquestionable with the evidences scattering all over her records and sales, and she’s even recognized as the fastest rising female pop singer of all time.

  • Ted Turner

You can’t skip the richest celebs without mentioning Ted Turner and his $2 billion worth of wealth. He is the founder of CNN, TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network, and owns big businesses all over USA. He is even recognized as one of the most generous donators in the country because of his charitable works.

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