The Nuances Of Owning A Pug

For a lot of new dog owners, the first option for a pet dog usually means getting one that looks adorable. Getting a dog that looks unusual, such as a pug, is a bit unlikely for first-time dog owners. However, there’s a good reason why there is a significant number of pug owners around. People don’t get them just because of their looks.

What makes this dog breed appealing to their owners is the very fact that they are one of the friendliest around. Yes, that quality makes them a bad guard dog. But one would be surprised at how great they are at discerning which people they’d treat as a friend and which ones to be wary of.

When considering of owning one, it’s a must to read up on how to take care of them. Pugs are special because of their skeletal structure and overall stature. One important thing to watch out for is that their eyes, though comical as it may seem, are likely to pop out of their sockets if they are tugged suddenly. It’s for this reason that it’s not advisable to put them on a leash. The good news is that these dogs don’t need a leash because of their docility.

For dog lovers who are living in areas that experience different seasons, it’s best to be wary of pugs during summer because they’d have trouble in their breathing.

Aside from these small nuances of taking care of this specific breed of dog, their owners can also look into buying pug stuff such as accessories and toys. Pugs just love to play with toys. Unsurprisingly, they’d want to play with their toys with their owners. This charming breed is most definitely worth owning. Their looks aren’t that big of a deal since they’re one of the best breeds in terms of friendliness.