Information Guide On Purchasing An External Hard Drive

Having ample space for your files, folders and other important documentation is always a necessity but before you make a decision on purchasing an external harddrive. It would be advisable to get firsthand information on the details and specification of an external hard drive.

Most people often refer to portable hard drives as external hard drives. The difference is quite significant. External hard drives functions when connected directly to a power source externally, while the portable hard drive can obtain sufficient power by being plugged directly to your computer. There are a couple of things you need to take into cognizance.


What are your activities like? Do you download a lot of audio files, movies, tutorials and other heavy files or are you the Microsoft office, email and documentation sort of person. An 80GB- 120GB hard drive might do it for smaller needs while video lovers would need something much larger, Ranging from 1TB- 8TB. Going for the specific capacity you require can help you save money.

What specification do you require?

Hard drives come with quite an extensive amount of specifications to suit your needs. It is advisable to go for the latest specification in order to ensure seamless operations and secure back up system.

Essential tools and specifications are:

  • Network attached storage system- this device stores large amount of data
  • High power USB- this includes USB 3.0 which is known for its speed and efficiency
  • Automated backup system- this is a software that would automatically save copies of whatever project you have going on.