Help! I Can’t Get My Kids Out Of The House

An introverted behavior in children isn’t strange for this generation. It has absolutely nothing to do with laziness, being indifferent to social activities, lack of interest in nature or being bullied by peers outside. This may be owed to a new friend called technology. With the inception of new technology such as mobile devices, tablets and laptop, kids all over the world get more into the trend. Social media such as Face book, twitter, Instagram, snap chat and the likes makes for an even slower physically interactive social life. I mean, why meet a few people outside when you can meet a whole bunch of people on a device who actually seem to care right?

There are no limits to the genre of engagements and entertainment they can access on their devices. This ranges from playing internet games to online movies. There are now an extensive number of websites where you could watch movies online. Old and new block buster movies are at your fingertips with just one click. These are one of the numerous perks of modern technology and the limitless power of internet access.

The diversity of information absorbed from the internet is tremendous. Almost anything can be found online. This is indeed very convenient and helpful but in a way quite scary. You may sometimes ponder on the sorts of information your kids maybe trying to access or safety of your personal information, even the privacy of your search history is in doubt. Are we truly safe? Do our kids know more than we hope they know?

As far as social life goes, no man is an island. Sooner or later they would realize the importance of interacting with their peers using a non-virtual alternative, like actually going out. Don’t sweat it, it will happen naturally.