Get To Know More About Honey Badger

Honey badger is an interesting mammal, closely resembling skunks and weasels in appearance. However, don’t be deceived by its cuteness and size because it’s actually one of the most vicious animals in the forest areas of Africa. Also found in some Asian countries, honey badgers are recognized by Guinness World Records as the most fearless animal in the world.

Knowing more About the Honey Badger

Honey badgers are unique animals first observed in Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, and possesses few evolutionary traits which makes it one of the most ferociously cunning thugs in its habitat. It has four legs with five clawed fingers each, and the claws on its front legs are noticeably longer than those at the hind legs. This is probably because honey badgers are one of those animals that digs holes for shelter, aside from being a carnivorous mammal.

What pushed the Guinness World Records to give the crown of the world’s most fearless animal to the honey badger is this creature’s relationship to the fierce beasts of the wild. This carnivorous little thug includes cobras, big cats, crocodiles, turtles and some other animals in its diet. Relying on its full skills and not only on its raw force, honey badgers are known to use their intellect to attack such vicious beasts for dinner. For instance, honey badgers are observed to attack cobras from behind for it not to be directly bitten by the venomous snake.

Honey badgers are solitary creatures, and they seldom go with each other. These instances of their contact happen in areas with abundant food supply, or during their mating seasons. They are observed to cover around 500-meter radius areas for their territories, and can also consume leaves, fruits, insects, roots, honey and some other stuff for food, thus making them omnivorous.

Know more about honey badgers, and be fascinated with this ferocious little thug. Read more trivia about it, and you’ll be surprised of the stuff you can learn about them.