Why Elo Boosting Is Wrong And What Penalties You May Face

If you are not familiar with the world of gaming, lol Elo Boosting or MMR Boosting simply refers to engaging another better player to play a ranked game on your behalf so as to achieve a higher MMR(Match Making Rating) in the lol(League of Legends).

Why is it wrong?

For a long time, gamers have opted to enlist the services of a Booster so as to achieve a higher ranking. However, this trend has resulted in a lot of negative outcomes; chief among them is that it degrades the experience of good actual players. The ranking of lolis place players with others of a similar skill level in a team, much like football. If you used a Booster to reach a higher status then you will no doubt be a liability to other skilled players and possibly even cause them a match.

Also, it is simply unfair to use a Booster as this can be called cheating. Other players have used their wits, time and hard work to achieve high rankings in lol. Simply paying someone to do that for you is unfair to them and goes against all that lol stands for.

It is also worth mentioning the risks involved in sharing log in information. Loss of your account to another player is a real possibility.

What Penalties are there to curb this vice?

Thanks to complaints and concerns raised by victims of Boosters, lol has begun enforcing punishments to those using lol Elo Boosting services and the Boosters.

  1. Retrieval of any awards won in previous ranked seasons such as badges.
  2. Disqualification from receiving any current season’s awards in ranked games
  3. For a first offender, a 2 week suspension of your account.
  4. 2nd time offenders are permanently barred from participation in any future League of Legends

These steps are taken to ensure fairness in lol ranked games