The Rules Of Reconnection – Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Do you seek to reconnect with an ex boyfriend? There are certain rules you must observe and certain facts you may need to understand about men in general before you begin this quest. If your breakup wasn’t overly dramatic with maybe hints of threats and a bit of vandalism then this mission shouldn’t be so tasking. Regardless  of how the relationship ended an whose fault it was, there are rules intertwined with winning back the heart of a man, obviously not as rigorous and extensive as trying to win back a woman but still, yes… there are rules.

# Confidence

Men are attracted to confident women who speak their heart and are bold. This is a challenging character and men love a little challenge and a little tease:  don’t just throw him the bone, make him want it first, wave it around and tease his senses with it then throw it and allow him catch it before it falls. This is definitely how to get your ex boyfriend back.

# be fashionable

Another thing men like is that cut out of a movie scene where a lady in red walks into the room and everyone stops to admire, then this lady in red walks up to him and says “sorry am late dear.” Men like to marvel at their own girlfriend anytime they meet. So stepping up your fashion game is probably a good idea.

# Drop hints

By now you have gotten his attention with your looks and lushness, now you drop subtle hints about how good you guys were together, how he understands you and vice versa, how you would like to see where this journey goes and how you wouldn’t mind trying again. This will set things in motion and then wait for him to catch the drift. He is sure to make a move anytime soon.