The Best Way To Get Your Star Citizen Referral Code

Given that there are a lot of great benefits associated with being able to recruit new players for star citizen, players would most definitely want to pull out all the stops just so that they are able to get more people playing the said game. All of these incentives could be unlocked with the use of the star citizen referral code, which have to shared and clicked by interested players in order for users to get RPs, or Referral Points which would unlock benefits for them as well. Having said that, is one of the most notable sites where you can get all these codes, with the features including the following.

Codes Expire in 3 months

            The period that it would take for your code to expire could be attributed to the fact that the entire community is one which has grown for the longest time. As of writing, the entire community of star citizen players are now at 100,000, with a database of codes reaching a number of 8,000. A shorter time for expiry would help prevent users from being inactive. This is something which does not need to be worried for, given that renewal of your code is one which is extremely easy to do. This is just half of the time it used to take before these codes would expire.

Your Code Remains in the Database

            One of the worries is that with the change of system of mechanics of the site might have caused some of the user’s code to be erased or be rendered irretrievable. Having said that, users on the old system need not worry, as the code, which was in the old database would still be retrievable and accessible, without any alterations to the date of expiry.