Some Amazing Facts about Italian Grill

Italian Grill is famous restaurant chain which was incepted by Damian Mandola. The restaurant started way back in 1986 and today the restaurant is present at about 250. In this article, we have listed some of the amazing facts about the Damian Mandola’s restaurant.

  • Most of the recipes at Italian Grill were given by the mother and the sister of Damian Mandola. Some of these recipes were also a part of the famous cook show, Cucina Sicilia. The cooking show had a lot of audiences and it helped people in learning some great dishes.
  • At present, the OSI has the rights to open the chain of the restaurant but the fact is that two of the locations of this famous restaurant is still owned by Carrabba Family.
  • One of the famous dishes at Italian Grill is Chicken Bryan. This dish basically has chick breast with the topping of goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. The dish is served along with lemon butter sauce. This famous dish was created in Bryan in Texas and that is the reason why the dish was named as Chicken Bryan.
  • One of the most interesting parts about taking a takeaway order is that you would not have to get out of the car if you want to place a takeaway The restaurant offers a service called Carside Carry Out and this service basically delivers the food in your car.
  • Another interesting fact about the restaurant is that the staff can get you pizza dough to play with it. Pizza dough is more like clay and kids enjoy playing with the same but the privilege is also extended to the adults.
  • While researching about the new menu items, the researcher gave away almost 1 million free dishes to the customers. The customer tasted the dishes and provided the feedback about the same. This feedback was helpful in releasing the new menu.

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